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Mario Day and Super Mario Series

Mario Day and Super Mario Series Image / AP News Some of you might be wondering what Mario Day is. March 10 is called Mario Day, but the Super Mario game was released on March 10 and has not been designated Mario Day. Mario Day is an anniversary that was built because marches and 10 are combined to look like Mario. It is commonly called Mar10 Day. Mario Day is special because there are many games on sale on Nintendo this day. Nintendo's games are really fun, but they are a little expensive. Of course, I don't think this price is really expensive if you play games, but wouldn't it be more reasonable to buy it on sale? Before Mario Day, we're going to have a time to learn about the Super Mario series. Mario Day was born because of the Super Mario series. The Super Mario series is a huge game franchise. It is no exaggeration to say that many games have been created through this game. Perhaps if the Super Mario series had not been successful, the game market would n

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